Did you know ?

In the pharmaceutical industry, Powder Compression is a process in which the steel is in constant contact with the powder (Granulator, Mixer, Tablet Press with tooling).

Therefore it requires custom-made compression tools made of a highly elaborate type of steel which must be altogether stainless, food-safe and conform to the FDA : 21CFR182 norm. The following types of steel AISI 302 - 303 - 304 - 316 – 410 - 416 - 440 comply with these demands. The AISI 440 steel is particularly well suited for powdercompression tools as it reaches a hardness of 56/58 HRC.

This is the reason why we use the AISI 440 steel which offers a wide range of advantages :

- Increased wear resistance

- Washable in washing machines

- Better sliding on the racks and compression rollers

- Possible re-polishing of the punches

- Increased lifetime

- Non-sticky properties




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